Statement of Faith 信仰宣言

We believe that there is one God who has revealed himself to be three eternal persons whom we confess as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Father is the Almighty Creator of heaven and earth and he so loves men and women that he sent Jesus Christ to save them from condemnation and eternal death. Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, became fully human and by his sacrificial death on the Cross and by his resurrection from the dead, provided the redemption which saves those who come to him in repentance and faith. The Holy Spirit continues Christ's work of convicting of sin and creating faith. He imparts unity amongst God's people and to them he gives power and love as well as gifts for different kinds of ministry.

我們相信只有一個神,祂以聖父聖子聖靈三位一體啓示自己 :聖父是創造天地的大能者,祂愛世人,甚至差遣耶穌基督從定罪與永死中拯救他們 ; 耶穌基督是永生的神兒子,成了肉身, 藉著在十字架上犧牲的死並從死裏復活,預備了救贖,拯救凡悔改相信祂的人; 聖靈繼承基督的工作,使人知罪,叫人相信,使神的子民合一,並賜給他們力量愛心和恩賜,作不同的事奉。

We accept that all men and women are by nature spiritually unresponsive to God and are disobedient to God's will. Each person needs to be regenerated by the Holy Spirit in order to receive eternal life.

我們接納人本性在靈性上未能回應神,也不順服神的旨意。 每一個人都需要聖靈的重生,才能得著永遠的生命。

We acknowledge that the Church is God's instrument for mission and evangelisation. The local congregation in its worship, sacraments and fellowship, together with its evangelism and social care witnesses to the love and justice of God.

我們承認教會是神宣教和佈道的器皿。 地區教會藉著崇拜聖禮團契佈道和社會關懷,見證神的大愛和公義。

We affirm that the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, is the uniquely inspired Word of God and is the only and wholly trustworthy test of faith and conduct.


We confess Jesus Christ to be the only Saviour and Lord and we affirm his deity, virgin birth, incarnation, substitutionary death, bodily resurrection, ascension and personal return.

我們宣認耶穌基督是唯一的救主和主宰,我們 確認祂的神性,確認祂為童女所生成了肉身為罪人死肉身復活升天再來。

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